Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend concert and skinned knees

The week went by really quickly! Besides lots of drawing (I still have to scan my sketch book sometime) I went to see Chris Koza at the Main Room in downtown. Bought some really awesome posters the concert by a local artist, Andrew Turman and completely took the skin off both my knees when I was biking around. :( Over all it was fun fun and BTW Bandaid brand makes a kick ass wide knee band aid!

Main room club!

They play animations during intermission.
Chris Koza!
The aftermath.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Biking on the weekend

I got another bike from another co-worker and embarked on some trail riding this weekend. Since Minneapolis is the City of Lakes, I biked around 4 of them roughly 20 miles or so. I got lost part way and ended up 4 hours off my original path and thus mayhem occured :)

I got caught in a 20 minute hail storm - fun fun fun... (photo borrowed from FLICKR site - not mine!!!!)

Buildings at Lake Harriet
Boating at Lake Cahoun

Outdoor concert Hall!
Lake Harriet Beach.
Red Hot Art festival!

Many, many, many bike paths.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Robots and other cool toys!

So I went to this new place called Robot Love and SOO

and found a lot of cool stuff to look at. I bought myself a little companion since I was getting a little lonely at nights...

Nabaztag - WIFI rabbit on crack!!! (eat that Mike!)

A lot of fun toys!

There was a really cute show by Erin Currie
featuring some really unique dolls and paintings.

Meet Silver Gloomi, my bedtime snuggler!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A night on the town!

So I did two useful things today: 1) I applied for my US Social Insurance # so I can get paid, unfortunately it should be coming in 4 weeks.
2) On the spur of the moment, I got a cheap seat at Eddie Izzard's show that was at the Orpheum. He did a 2 hour long stint with no breaks and was extremely, EXTREMELY funny!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life drawing and Duck vibrators

I decided to get a little life drawing done and joined a small group called Dr. Sketchy's anti-art school. It was life drawing in a bar with booze, thematic lighting and burlesque dancers (named Lady Ascensia and Tomahawk tassles) for models. All in all, it was A LOT of FUN! - See more under.

Definitely not one of my better pics, but I had downed 2 pints already...and it was really dark.
Both Tomahawk and Ascensia (she a poet) posing together. I had one more pic I really liked, but one of the models really liked it so I gave it to her :)

The drawing set-up, bar room seating!
Yes people actually sat down and drew like this!
They gave out supplies....
We had a host and the models on the stage! There were drawing contests and I ended up winning twice, I got a gift certificate for Smitten Kitten and......
A vibrating massaging ducky.

And a Kama Sutra bath set complete with lubricant (or bath gel). What I really wanted was the $25 coffee gift certificate...

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Friday, May 23, 2008

First work week done!

Watched IRON MAN today and all I can say is "WOW". Highly. Highly Recommended. On a lighter note I ended up eating at "White Castle" and to be honest, Harold and Kumar got gyped, burgers were very thin and overly salty and really, all I thought was I should gone to the Wendy's a block back.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time off work

Where to go where the 9 to five grind is over? Midnight coffee shops and crime bookstores. See read more for more info!

Since I've gotten here, I found some pretty sweet spots to hang out. One is the Bad Waitress cafe it's a superhero themed dinner that's open till midnight. Offers free wifi.
Another place is the Spyhouse, another midnight coffee/wifi place (coffee is really good, though midnight coffee drinking isn't that smart!)

I've also gone to a really cool bookstore - nothing but crime stories.
A really tiny MCAD gym (seriously it's a sections studio space with machines) that make Sheridan's gym look huge!
And the following pic was something that I couldn't resist taking.

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